Sunday, 20 July 2008

ok here it is the link to my creator showcase once again cheers to matt yeo and all at bulletproof ...... ty and back soon

Saturday, 19 July 2008

ok my typo hell that should be Matt yeo sorry about that and pls be patiant my typing wand has not yet arrived
coming soon ill have a creator showcase on the bulletproof comics website ill post link as soon as its up just wanna say thank to mat yeo at bulletproof n here the link to there site

Welcome to Bulletproof Comics!

Friday, 11 July 2008

ok heres the link to etsy where u can but the origanal art if u like em .................................. Etsy :: Fulltilt :: Carl Rothwell presents Fulltilt
another new pic bit of big bob de niro guess u knew that all ready n seeing as this is like my unoffical galler here thought better get some fuckin work on it fast so hope u like it
ok cple more pics this time i decided to have a bash with oils n this is wat i did oddly its a lil paintin of dali n i have to say im not a huge fan of his dont get me wrong i like some just not all just kinda like this pic i saw off him n well y not although it to look a lil like ant mc partlin too witch just fuckin amuses me no end
lil add on to that just found out that in my absence the gallery have decided to use the name for there show that i gave em i suggested trival pursuits as a title i ment it kindda ironic n now it is hahah fuck it i aint bitter oh n once again heres the cafepress link n i promise ill take the time to put the links on here properly and so u can enlarge the pics (like anyones reading this but me ).....north 74 cool comic book graphics on cool products : ......gonna change the name of the shop soon cos well it sucks balls

gone native the painting

ok so this is the painting gone native n wud of been the last thing id done for the gallery but as of yesterday i have pulled out of the exibition but heres the pic i kinda like it bit of an odd pin up thang, oh yer n see if u can work out wats written on the back of the kids comic n if u like it u can nip to me cafe press n get a nice print of it.....................more soon.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

hey yet another add on but if u like the poughkeepsie pic then check out my cafepress page n u can buy a lil slice of him north 74 cool comic book graphics on cool products CafePress
ok so now the pics over on the right ha
hey all just a lil hi n check out the new poughkeepsie pic on the left not that u know who he is yet but stay tunned

Thursday, 3 July 2008

ok dont seem to be able to get my cafepress link up i kinda suck at all this so pls bare with me so here the long link u can copy n paste

north 74 cool comic book graphics on cool products CafePress

gone native

lil add on ok so recently i have been doing a few gallery shows n i was buzzin loved cool to have ur work seen unfortunatly said gallery has been well screwwin me by chargin me to show my work well folks this is bullshit ya dont pay to show ash wood said so n thats werd, so i have gone native do it urself punk so hopfully over the weeks n months somthing cool this way will come.

back soon

all eyes are blind

hi n welcome to my blog a few words on what to expect, well hopefully a whole bunch of cool art and some comunacating, oh n some more cool art so stay tunned